Performance Anxiety.

Everyone faces moments of anxiety, especially in stressful
moments like interviews, public speaking and networking.

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You’re not alone in your fear.

Even CEOs battle fears of public speaking. Most people are overwhelmed by stressful situations. Help is one simple step away.

How does propranolol work?

Propranolol is a beta-blocker sometimes prescribed by doctors to help control the physical symptoms of anxiety. Beta blockers work by blocking the body’s response to adrenaline such as racing heart beat and sweating.
Read more about propranolol, beta blockers and using it safely.

Stay cool.

Don’t let nerves and anxiety take away your ability to perform your best. You deserve to enjoy all the important moments in life.

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Performance anxiety treatment options


28 Tablets, 40 mg


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Keep calm and carry on.

Fear and anxiety can hinder you from your goals. Talk to our doctors about whether Propranolol is right for you.
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